5 Things Customers Want To See From A Cleaning Company

Hiring a cleaning company can be tricky because you are essentially inviting strangers into your home or office to go through your most private things. This list the basics when looking for the perfect fit.

1. Testimonials

Look out for customer testimonials or reviews on social media sites. Humans are creatures of habit and gossip. Funnily enough, we do not trust a company when they say they are the best.

2. No hidden costs

After you have received a quote ask for a detailed list of everything included in their services. Ask the cleaning company if they will clean the cobwebs in the corners of the ceiling as well as scrub behind that weird part under the toilet.

3. An Accurate Estimate

Find out if they have extra charges for carpets, pet hair, or if the cleaning took them longer than they had anticipated. The company should plan out their cleaning so you are not left with a bill twice as large as the one quoted once all the work has been done.

4. Trustworthiness

Your home or office have very personal and often valuable items in them that are a pain and sometimes impossible to put away. You need to be able to trust your cleaning company not to steal your grandma’s silver or scratch your antique grandfather clock.

5. Punctuality

You need to be able to trust the cleaning company’s expertise when it comes to time management. They need to start and end when they indicated and you cannot be held liable if they are late or require more time to complete the task.

Think carefully before you invite strangers into your home or office, but remember that you need to trust someone at the end of the day or you will have to do it all yourself!