What is a Cleaning Contractor – What Do They Do?

Don’t like cleaning? You’ll be surprised at all the vendors in your area that can take care of the tasks you hate. Cleaning contractors form part of that group.

This outline will give you a clear idea of their tasks, the value they have for homeowners and businesses and how they can complement your life going forward.

What is a Cleaning Contractor?

A cleaning contractor is an establishment that takes responsibility for cleaning a certain building. The company has multiple workers performing cleaning tasks in order to keep a property thoroughly clean.

Teams of cleaners travel to a client’s premises and clean according to the terms and expectations agreed upon. Contract cleaners can use their own cleaning supplies or equipment provided by the client.

If they do use their own equipment you as a client avoid the expense of buying cleaning equipment such as steamers, high powered vacuum cleaners or floor polishers.

The cleaning contractor will train workers to perform tasks up to standard, so they’ll have knowledge of using the different cleaning equipment efficiently.

A contract cleaner can save a client both time and money. Instead of taking care of cleaning yourself, you can focus on life and work and let someone else keep your space clean and tidy.

Also, by employing the right contractor you can have multiple services from one vendor instead of employing various service providers for different cleaning tasks. That means less hassle and expenses for you.


What do Cleaning Contractors do?

Cleaning any property involves a wide variety of tasks. Each contract with a cleaning company will stipulate the type of cleaning the cleaners need to perform. Possible tasks include but are not limited to:

  • Dusting surfaces
  • Cleaning floors
  • Washing clothes or linen
  • Organising rooms’ content
  • Collecting garbage and taking it to a collection point
  • Sanitising
  • Window cleaning
  • Cleaning carpets and upholstery


Some vendors may even perform some maintenance tasks or basic pest control to keep a property operational, clean and hygienic.

Who Needs a Cleaning Contractor?

Cleaning companies are valuable for almost anyone because they can clean homeowners’ houses but also commercial and industrial properties.

Certain contractors will have the necessary knowledge to clean industrial venues, even if it’s a factory or warehouse containing hazardous products.

Institutions that get a lot of value from hiring cleaning companies include:

  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Churches
  • Property managers or owners of apartment buildings
  • Office managers


Types of Cleaning Contracts

Contract cleaners may have standard contracts they provide clients to sign. Usually, the two parties discuss details to create a unique agreement that fits the client’s needs.

For example, duties may differ between clients and cleaning can happen according to a daily, monthly weekly or biweekly cycle.

Final Words

Do you realise you’re taking on cleaning tasks you can rather leave to someone else? Or perhaps you’ve found a new calling. Do you want to start a cleaning contracting company to help others who don’t like washing and polishing as much as you do?

What other interesting jobs and industries have you come across?