Deep Cleaning Before Or After Moving?

Deep cleaning is the type of cleaning that removes all dirt, dust, biological debris build-up (gross we know), grime, fungi, and any trace of the previous inhabitants.

Top Tip: We should do a deep clean of our own homes and offices every one to two years as a general rule. This clean improves air quality and gets rid of deep grime and dirt build up that can cause or exacerbate allergies and asthma.

The courteous thing to do when moving out is to do a deep clean. This removes all traces of your life from the house or office. Apart from being a nice person, it will also give you an idea of your regular cleaning practices and tell you if you need to change them.

Regular cleaning does not get the grime out of the grout or the dust build up on cornices and skirting boards. Deep cleaning removes the deep-set dirt, pet dander, and other offensive bits and stains from carpets, bath tubs, curtain railings, and ovens.

Top Tip: Deep cleaning can take a toll on you and you might not have the equipment or knowledge on how to do it best. This is why a Professional Deep Cleaning Service is the way to go!

Unfortunately, not all people are courteous when they move out and might just do a quick sweep and wipe down! This means that when you move in, you are moving in to a house or office that still has biological traces of the previous owners.

Did you Know: In one day the average human sheds 30 000 to 40 000 dead skin cells! These skin cells end up in our beds, carpets, and the layers of dust you find around the home.

Therefore, we suggest always doing a deep clean of your new home or office before you move in. It ensures that you are moving in to a clean and sanitized environment. If you have allergies, they will not be kicked up because everything will be spotless!

If the previous inhabitants were smokers or had pets, the smell will be stuck in the carpets, the walls, and the grout between the tiles. Apart from being unsanitary and unhealthy, it leaves you with a feeling that you are living in someone else’s house.

Did you know: Deep cleaning improves the air quality! If you have underlying conditions or a weakened immune system, fungal spores and dust mites can make you incredibly and dangerously sick without you knowing it.

Deep cleaning also means cleaning out the air vents and central heating or cooling systems. When you have these deep cleaned, you create a healthier environment for you to live in and you get an idea of the general maintenance that will need to happen.

Deep cleaning your house or office before and after you move will ensure that you are living in the healthiest environment possible!