Types of Commercial Cleaning Services

Every cleaning job requires different services. Basic janitorial or everyday-type cleaning is the most common type of commercial cleaning service offered. However, there are many more services out there to suit your specific needs.

Every year you should get an HVAC or central heating/air conditioning cleaning service to de-dust your system:

Dust and debris build-up throughout the year and can cause the quality of air in the building to decrease over time. There is also an increased risk of a household/business fire caused by dust in the unclean HVAC system.

Window cleaning is another commercial cleaning service:

The interior windows should be cleaned during normal janitorial cleaning. However, exterior window cleaning is a completely different service that is offered. Having the outside of your windows cleaned can make a world of difference to the atmosphere inside the building.

Automotive cleaning services are their own segment of the commercial cleaning industry:

You can get a variety of cleaning services for your car, truck, fleet vehicles, farm vehicles, etc. that covers normal and specialized cleaning. Specialized cleaning can include a full detailing of leather interior, full engine washes, and a deep clean of fabric upholstery.

Curtains and blinds are an arduous task for any household or business to get through, which is why they are a separate cleaning service:

There are many cleaning services that offer this service. They will take down the curtains and blinds, they often take them off-site to get deep cleaned, and they will then hang them back up all fresh and ironed or steamed.

For everything that gets dirty, there is a cleaning service that specializes in it such as natural stone floors and countertops, roofs, carpets, rugs, concrete floors, deodorization cleaning, hypoallergenic cleaning, change of tenancy cleaning, pest control cleaning, deep cleaning etc.