Is Commercial Cleaning An Essential Service In Ireland?

Ireland has moved to its third nationwide lockdown and is currently sitting at Level 5 restrictions to at least the end of January.

This leaves many people with an uncertain future and uncertainty surrounding the sanitary state of their homes and offices.

Any building needs to be fully sanitized when there has been a high concentration of people in it and when there has been a known case to be on the property.

This would be an incredibly laborious and possibly impossible task for the average company or household to do. The elderly and disabled rely heavily on commercial cleaning services.

However, we are in luck, according to the government’s official website as of its latest update on January 8 2021 at the time of the creation of this post:

“Where such services are necessary to support any other essential service: (i) the cleaning of buildings, (ii) industrial cleaning activities.”

Therefore, we can safely and happily say that Commercial Cleaning is an essential service in Level 5 lockdown in Ireland. This means that companies are well within their legal rights to reach out to commercial cleaning companies to decontaminate offices and maintain a sanitization contract.

Schools are closed at the moment and can legally contract a commercial cleaning company to give their campuses a full treatment so that when students return from their families, they return to a safe environment.

Although commercial cleaning companies are an essential service, we urge you not to leave all of the cleaning to your contracted dates. Maintain a healthy schedule of sanitization in the home and office that includes a daily wipe down of surfaces and touchpoints.

If we work together, we can come through this difficult and uncertain time without too much damage to the economy. The most important thing for all of us to do right now is to saves lives and protect the ones we love.